Leica Geosystems Internship

My internship at Leica Geosystems I was a Graphics/Web Design Intern in their Ecommerce team in Newport, Rhode Island. I started out learning the backend of their Drupal 7 site and creating basic pages and blog posts using the CMS. I also did lots of print and digital design work for advertisements, flyers, and banners. Then eventually we were moving the site to a new domain using Drupal 8. This transition began in the early spring/late winter and definitely had its challenges. A third party developed the site, but we built all the pages and content. 

In the early transitions, we wireframed site pages using Balsamiq and then would create them later on using Drupal’s “flexible content” system. During this transition, we had the opportunity to fix and think of more clear informational structure for some pages and sections as well as new marketing methods within the pages.  I was responsible for the support sections involving downloading manuals, firmware, and other documents and files for every product in our store. Having manuals for every country for each product, there was lots of file uploading for me to do. Some challenges were designing layouts with the restrictions that were placed on us by the third-party developers (I grew to understand this more as I learned more code and understood what was capable of being put on the web and on such a large site with a CMS)  and several bugs that we encountered due to the new site still being in early development. Some of the challenging issues we faced were alignment and padding for multiple column layouts not working and cloned pages deleting after a certain timeframe. These bugs were fixed by the developers and we rebuilt and restructured the pages that had these issues. Eventually, everything was transferred over to the new Drupal 8 CMS and restyled to the new site’s design standards and we eventually launched the site in September of 2019. 

After the site was launched I still continued to wireframe and create new pages, or create pages off of other people’s wireframes, as well as try to fix various bugs like translation issues and URL redirects alongside my manager. I also create various “floating”, “sticky”, or pop-up banners for promotions and e-mail collection using OptinMonster. I also use Pardot to create forms to embed on the site using iFrames and customize the CSS of the forms to match the CSS of our site. This internship is a great experience learning how the backend of a CMS for an international site for a large company works as well as learning UX/UI design skills like information architecture and designing for the user. I’m very happy to be continuing it through my senior year.  To the right are just a few of the web pages I designed during the initial transition.

Digital/Email Marketing

Print Marketing