HxDR Microsite

The team I am a part of at Leica Geosystems recently created a new “microsite” for a new product launch, HxDR. HxDR is a cloud-based visualization and collaboration platform for spatial data and services. Other team members helped in the wireframing and content development, while myself and another designer, Brianna Ferraioli, mostly put the site together in WordPress. With just 8 weeks to put the entire thing together, we ran into a few speed bumps but still got the site done. Some of my favorite features about this site are the interactive 3D effects [Which sa been removed in order to optimize load time] in the very first hero of the landing page and the auto-moving, interactive image comparison sliders. This project has been one of my favorites during my time with Leica Geosystems so far, and I hope it appeals to you as well.