Firetronics Typeface & E-Commerce Design

During my Graphics III course I designed a complete typeface for a fake brand called Firetronics to be incorporated into the logo I designed as well. The typeface is meant to feel very vertical, like fire rising, as well as very techy since this brand is an electrical component vendor. I designed a semibold weight and a thin weight of the typeface. At first, my goal with this typeface was to design a full font including symbols, numbers, and lowercase letters. I was able to create lowercase letters, however, numbers and symbols proved to be a challenge following my “vertical rise” guidelines”.

I decided to create a basic prototype of an e-commerce site for the brand in order to showcase the font in the environment it would live post-creation. It was during this process that I realized this font was simply not legible enough to type body paragraphs with and decided that this font should be a display typeface. Therefore I really only set the typeface to be used in titles and subtitles on the prototype, but the typeface is still the logo and identity of the entire brand. Below is an interactive prototype of the website. Thank you for reading!