My artwork has a wide range from print graphics such as posters, packaging, and websites and app prototypes. Each piece serves a different purpose and conveys varying information, but there is a common element between them all. That connection can be seen in the aesthetic design of all my pieces, for it is the visual refinement of design that I am the most passionate for. I am a faithful believer and practitioner of modernism and simplicity and try to make all my work follow those guidelines. Balancing my work and making it clean with negative space and simple, geometric shapes is key to my final creations. That being said, vectors are my medium of choice, offering me the ability to make any clean-cut shape I want with sharp edges. I don’t tie myself down to just those elements, however. I believe good design, including modernist and simplistic pieces, must also incorporate other principles. In my work I enjoy including keen lines that help guide the viewer through my pieces and like to add some texture from time to time, straying from the typical cleanliness my work has. Variety is key, after all. I believe a myth about simplistic work that I attempt to debunk through my own pieces is flatness and a lack of motion. Those are two elements that I think are valuable to good design, and that I am still able to achieve. They only disappear when simplicity is overdone to the point it becomes minimalism.

In my web-based and user interface work, I try to follow the same principles and implement the same aesthetic appeals. My philosophy when it comes to designing interfaces is to apply the same modern, simple principles I use in design aesthetics to the presentation of information to the user. Presenting information simply and cleanly is key to not only make the experience more friendly, but to make it more enjoyable as well. I believe that digital interactions, although not exactly similar to human interactions, must be treated as such because that is what humans naturally receive best. If two people are having a conversation, there are several back and forth interactions between the two people. It does not consist of one person talking and asking questions for ten minutes and the other trying their best to answer everything and converse back for the following ten minutes. Interaction is a mutual exchange. Keeping interactions simple makes them easier to understand and use. If the user doesn’t understand how to use something, they will not understand what it does, and isn’t the whole point for them to see what it does? I design the flow and architecture of my interface and web design work with the same aesthetic principles as my traditional graphics work, and I also make sure to tie my two practices together by making them works of art with those same visual practices. Technology and the internet have come a long way, and I believe that the days of bad aesthetics due to technological capabilities are over. I believe we are in the golden age of introducing good design values in both user flows and visuals, and I want to be someone who plays a role in such a time.