I am Paul LaGreca and I am an art student at Salve Regina University currently looking for a full time position as a UX/UI Designer in Rhode Island for post-graduation. My major is in Graphic Design and Interactive Media Art with a Marketing minor. I have been designing ever since I was in junior-high and have a strong passion for what I do and everything I create. A piece of me goes into everything I make, even preliminary sketches that don’t see the public eye. I believe this can be seen through my modern style that is present in most of my work. However I would still call myself a versatile and competitive designer, able to pursue success in any project.

I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver. I also have experience using HTML, CSS, and WordPress. Other skills I have that do not require software are silkscreen printing and drawing. My strong work ethic, organization skills, and time-management capabilities are all prevalent in the quality of my work, but I am always seeking constructive criticism with open ears as well. I am most interested in positions and experiences that tie in to my skillset mostly lying with Graphic/Web Design and will help me learn and grow into a better designer as well.